Cardiology (treatment of heart diseases)

Do you have health problems with your heart and you need top-quality medical treatment? Trust the best Czech cardiologist. You will receive the best-quality medical care from a Czech specialist; moreover, with more favourable conditions from the perspective of quality of care and financial expenses.

Cardiology is dealing with diagnosis and nonsurgical therapy of heart defects and coronary artery diseases. The range of these defects and diseases is quite broad and it includes congenital heart and blood vessel abnormalities (in children) and acquired problems, which largely relate to the way of life, unsuitable diet and other factors of civilization. Hypertension and ischaemic heart disease are most frequent cardiovascular diseases with high sickness rate. Unless a suitable treatment is applied, such problems may lead to a number of complications, which have to be prevented by timely diagnostics and appropriate therapeutic procedures, change of diet habits, and exercise.

Other diseases treated by cardiologists include heart rhythm disorders, heart failure, valvular diseases, or blood vessels diseases (tightening, aneurysm).

An important area is also sports cardiology, which focuses on diagnostics of serious heart complications in sportsmen, whose heart is exposed to major workload. So-called sudden cardiac death in sportsmen, which is caused by abnormity of the cardiac muscle – by so called dilated cardiomyopathy, is a feared complication of top-level sportsmen and must be diagnosed soon.

In modern centres in the Czech Republic, teams of cardiologists cooperate with cardio surgeons, who perform surgeries on heart and blood vessels. Surgery treatment is indicated in sudden, life threatening conditions (aneurysm, heart ischaemy, blockages of heart arteries and brain blood vessels), or they are planned in the situations in which there are no options for conservative treatment.

Immunology (treatment of immune system)

Do you have difficulties with the immune system? Do you suffer from allergies? There are recognised specialists in this field of medicine in the Czech Republic.

Are you allergic (excessive reaction of the body) due to contact with extraneous agents - pollen, dust, mites, fungi, or food? Do you suffer from hay fever, asthma, allergic eczema, or hives?

Do you suffer from chronic inflammation, frequent fatigue, muscle pain, or inexplicable dryness of mucous membranes? Trust the Czech specialists, who will provide you with high-quality examination and subsequent treatment.

Pneumology (treatment of lung diseases)

Do you have problems with lungs and you want to be examined by foreign specialists? From the perspective of quality of care and price for the procedure, you will have the best conditions in the Czech Republic.

Pneumology is dealing with research, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of lungs. The most frequent diseases include asthma – attack of shortness of breath caused by bronchoconstriction, which is quite often triggered with allergic reaction, or bronchitis, which causes a cough. If you cough out large quantity of mucus, it is possible that you suffer from bronchitis. Another lung disease is for example emphysema – damage of pulmonary alveoli due to smoking. It causes severe breathlessness which presents a significant discomfort in life.

If you have any pneumology problems, we are prepared to help you.

Neurology (treatment of the nervous system)

Neurology deals with diseases and disorders of the nervous system. In the Czech Republic there are specialists for both paediatric neurology and adult neurology.

Paediatric neurologists deal particularly with disorders psychomotor development in children, epilepsy, dystrophy, inflammations of the nervous system, and group of hereditary and metabolic diseases of the brain.
Neurologists for adults diagnose and treat strokes, degenerative diseases of the brain (Alzheimer´s disease, Parkinson´s disease), intervertebral disc prolapse, and diseases of peripheral nerves - neuropathy, inflammation and tumours of brain, spinal cord, and periphery nerves.

If you suffer from problems of a neurological character, the Czech Republic has the best specialists in this field. Of course, there are also specialists in neurosurgery. Czech medicine brings you professional medical treatment from the perspective of the high-quality services provided and savings in costs.

Rehabilitation, physiotherapy, spa

Within the global context, the Czech rehabilitation medicine has an excellent reputation and it is one of the best. Professor Lewit and other major representatives of the so-called Prague School of Manual Medicine are frequently quoted in the prestigious professional journals.  We provide rehabilitation to patients with disorders of the muscular system, including post-operation rehabilitation at the best ward and outpatient departments in the Czech Republic. Quite significant is the role of the rehabilitation in cases of infertility, incontinence, and posttraumatic states.

Of course, we will arrange for you spa treatment in the well-known spa resorts (Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně), or in specialised spa houses (Jáchymov – locomotor system, Lázně Vráž – treatment of multiple sclerosis).

Orthopaedics (treatment of locomotor system)

In the field of orthopaedics, we offer the treatment of diseases of the locomotor system – bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments.

Orthopaedic disorders are primarily treated with surgeries. The most frequent include surgery of knee, hip, shoulder, arm, or leg. In this field we can arrange for you the best Czech professionals from prestigious clinics. Procedures can be both conventional open surgeries and arthroscopic surgeries. We also cooperate with departments which perform state-of-the-art methods of intraarticular application of stem cells and blood plasma, or extracorporeal shockwave therapy.

ORL (treatment of ear, nose and throat diseases)

Otolaryngology (abbreviation ENT) specializes mainly in diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose and throat diseases, and it also deals with problems of disorders of the head and neck.Otolaryngology (abbreviation ENT) specializes mainly in diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose and throat diseases, and it also deals with problems of disorders of the head and neck.

The ENT field treats the most frequent inflammations in the throat, diseases in the area of throat and nose, tonsillitis, sinusitis, and middle ear infections. These are milder forms. Hearing disorders, some forms of inflammations or gottal diseases.

Surgeries are needed in cases of thyroid diseases and parathyroid gland. The most frequent procedure is for example sinus puncture.

The ENT field is also partially connected with other surgical fields. These relate to surgeries of structures in the neck, facial surgeries, but also hypophysis surgery, because the access to it goes most frequently through the nasal cavity. Examinations at ENT are not pleasant, but if they are performed by specialists, the patient does not have to be afraid. In this field, we are in touch with a number of specialists who are prepared to help you with any disorders.


Paediatrics deals with treatment and health care of infants, children and adolescents. In health care in the Czech Republic, the upper bracket of paediatrics is deemed to be the age not exceeding 19 years.

There is one of the lowest rates of infant mortality in the Czech Republic (1.5 pro mille) within Europe and worldwide.

With a view to the fact that the body of infants, new born babies and children are physiologically quite different from adults, the treatment is of course different as well. Childhood is the time period of the most remarkable growth, development and maturation of human body organs. 

Long-term experience of the medical doctor is important for correct recognition of standard differences from pathological ones. Have your child treated by the best Czech specialists who provide the best care. 

Ante-natal care

Paediatrics also includes ante-natal care, which deals with timely diagnosis of foetal disturbances with blood sampling and sonography – so called integrated screening. In indicated cases, it may be necessary to perform amniocentesis. With the help of this examination, it is possible to acquire detailed information on fatal development. This examination is carried out in outpatient and ward departments of gynaecological - obstetric facilities. Child birth takes place at maternity hospitals and subsequent care then at neonatal centres. Then the general paediatrician provides care to the new born baby.

Prior to the release of the new born baby from the maternity hospital, screening (identification of an unrecognised disease in individuals without signs or symptoms) for some diseases is carried out as well. Its goal is timely diagnosis of serious diseases, such as phenylketonuria, cystic fibrosis and other.

Endocrinology (treatment of endocrine glands)

Endocrinology deals with the treatment of endocrine glands. They are particularly adrenal glands, gonads, hypophysis (pituitary gland), thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, and pancreas.

The most frequent endocrinology diseases include diabetes (diabetes mellitus), disorders of function of thyroid gland and parathyroid gland.

Endocrine glands have a major effect on processes in the human body. However, the endocrine system is closely connected with other systems – particularly the nervous and immune system. Unless glands function properly, they secrete either not enough, or too much hormones, and disorder of their function occurs resulting in health problems.

In the field of endocrinology, the medical doctors with whom we cooperate have extensive professional experience. Trust their professionalism.