Primary paediatric care

Primary paediatric care is divided into preventive and curative (treatment) care. Preventive care is important particularly for timely discovery of some diseases and their preventive care (monitoring) at the relevant specialised departments. Curative care deals with treatment of common illnesses. The example of primary prevention is for example inoculation, or regular preventive examinations of children and adolescents.

Specialized outpatient care

This field includes areas of paediatrics such as cardiology, gastroenterology, nephrology, neurology, alergology, endocrinology, pneumology, rehabilitation, psychiatry, and other.

Specialists in these areas diagnose illnesses of heart, alimentary tract, nervous system and other, which are typical in childhood.

Hospital (on-board) care

At the on-board facilities, they diagnose and treat illnesses which may not be solved within outpatient care. Highly-specialized departments with extensive diagnostic options are mostly operated at the university hospitals.

Paediatric care standards are quite high in the Czech Republic, a fact which is recognised by the general public in Europe and worldwide.

Paediatric pneumology

Paediatric pneumology treats respiratory and allergology diseases, which indicate problems with lungs, or bronchial tubes.

Paediatric pneumology treats mostly obstructive illnesses (bronchial asthma), acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of bronchial tubes, or inherent defects of the respiratory tract.

Of course, patients are treated in state-of-the-art hospitals with the best facilities.

Paediatric neurology

Paediatric neurology treats the whole spectrum of neurological diseases in children. In the area of neurology, Czech medical specialists have an excellent reputation in Europe and worldwide. Our medical doctors are the best specialists with long-term experience.

Paediatric neurology quite often deals with headaches, collapse states, seizure diseases – epilepsy, diseases of the central nervous system and periphery nervous system, psycho motor development disorders, neurooncology disorders and other.

Paediatric allergology

Paediatric allergology deals with the treatment of alergology-immunology disorders and respiration problems.

Paediatric allergology includes diagnostics (laboratory investigation, alergology skin test, spirometry and other necessary consiliary examinations) and subsequent care – for example in the spa resort.

Have your child examined and treated by the best Czech specialists.

Paediatric gastroenterology

Paediatric gastroenterology deals with complex diagnostics and treatment of the digestive system and liver diseases. Due to the availability of the best medical equipment, Czech medical doctors are able to help even very young infants.

Gastroenterology diseases include a large scale of diseases. They are primarily inflammation, infective, metabolic, development, and autoimmune and cancer diseases of the digestive system. Development abnormalities of digestive tract (e.g. atresia) are serious diseases in children; they quite often require quick surgery treatment.

In the field of paediatric gastroenterology, we cooperate with the best specialists in the Czech Republic. We are prepared to help you and your children at your convenience.